Claymore Dual-Miner 9.7 - Working!!

So with much troubleshooting I found that my issue with Claymore dual-miner 9.7 was a voltage issue.  Claymore dual-miner 9.7 was pushing my power supply to the limit causing my GPU's to fail/error rebooting Windows 10.  To find this out I connected the monitor port on my Corsair power supply to another computer to monitor the voltage output.  To resolve this issue I under-volted my GTX 1070 to 75%.  

Now, a 48-hour test to make sure its stable.


My [CURRENT] MSI Afterburner settings

  • Core Voltage:                 <Default>
  • Power Limit:                     75%
  • Temp. Limit:                    <Default>
  • Core Clock:                     -120
  • Memory Clock:                +600
  • Fan Speed:                      80%

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