Overclocking Update

I was having two issues:

  • Random reboots
  • Miner shows its working, but Ethpool showing average hash rate decline


I "think" I have found the issue.  One of my GPU's runs ~5 degrees hotter than the others and once it gets to 72 degrees it slows down or crashes causing claymore miner to crash/fail or a system reboot.  I ran the GPU with the other 5 GPU's powered off and the heat issue remained probably due to a defect in the card.  My fix is to increase the fan speed from auto, which was running ~40% fan speed and hard coded the fan speed to 80%.  Why 80%?  I researched and found that to be a common setting for the GTX 1070 and not wanting to take the time to experiment, I just went with it.

My [CURRENT] MSI Afterburner settings

  • Core Voltage:                 <Default>
  • Power Limit:                   <Default>
  • Temp. Limit:                    <Default>
  • Core Clock:                     -120
  • Memory Clock:                +600
  • Fan Speed:                      80%

I am getting around ~181MH/s consistently with Claymore dual-miner 9.6 on Windows 10.   My GPU's are consistenty below 60 degrees including my problem-child GPU.

I still can't get 9.7 to run overclocked past 175MH/s with my current setup.


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