Mining Rig - Airframe Upgrade

My make shift case from Bed, Bath & Beyond bent on me due to me putting some weight on top of it.  Good thing is that no hardware was damaged but the rack is now unusable.  Instead of buying one from eBay that go anywhere from $85 to $300 (most you must assemble yourself) I decided to make one.  Lucky for me I have a family member with tools and he precut all the aluminum and wood for me.

The YouTube video I followed is here.

Here is what I ended up with:


It wan't that hard and only took me ~30 mins to assemble and another 30 mins to put in the hardware.  A bonus was that looks like there is space to put in a 7th card (if I can find one to buy)!

Total Time:         ~1 hour
Total Cost:          $65 for two airframes (with material left over)

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