Fix for Claymore Miner Randomly Restarting

So, I have noticed that my claymore miner will freeze and then initiate a restart of the miner.  While I think that is a cool feature in case of a lock it was happening frequently enought that it started lowering my hashrate averages.  I did some research and tried MANY different things (most made things worse) until I found out what I think is the issue.

My issue was two fold.  Not enought COUNTINOUS page file space and PCI-E power savings under Windows 10.

Note:  Stop all mining and reboot before appling these fixes.

Continous Page File Fix

  • I set my page file to 60GB from 32GB (see my build page for info)
  • Download PageDefrag from Sysinternals
  • Run PageDefrag to optimize a large continuos space for your page file.
  • Alternatively you can disable your page file, reboot, then re-enable your page file
    • (Does the same thing releativley)
  • UPDATE:  Another great fix/suggestion is to shrink your drive by 75GB, create a second partion and move your page file to that drive.

PCI-e Power Management Fix

  • Right-click on the desktop and select "Power Settings"
  • Click on "Power and Sleep"
  • Click on "Additional Power Settings"
  • On your Select "Additional Plans"
  • Select "High Performance"  (You should be good after this step)
  • Verify PCI-e power settings
    • Click "Change Plan Settings"
    • Click "Change Advanced Power Settings"
    • Expand "PCI Express"
    • Expand "Link State Power Management"
    • Verify "Setting" is off

Reboot and start mining.

After I applied these fixes my claymore miner has run ~24hours without a hang/restart.  A side note also is that my two-hour average and reported hash rate have become closer in value.  I am not sure if thats related to the fixes or more stable miner.

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