The Build - Overclocking

Overclocking is difficult

I have found out that not all GTX 1070 are the same.  There is a HUGE difference between manufacturers and different versions.


I ended up getting my 6-GPU rig overclocked to an average of 179MH/s (which is ~29.5MH/s per card).   
I am sure there is more tweaking to do as I move foreward, but I am going to leave these setting for a week or so before going back and adjusting.
Through research the GTX 1070 should get an average of 30MH/s per card in a stable configuration.


What I learned

  • Stability is the key.  I would rather have a machine run stable without daily (or more) reboots
  • Research your GPU version and manufacturer
  • Take your time with overclocking, start small
  • Ethereum depends more on memory speed than clock speed
  • Clock speed is important if you are dual mining another altcoin


My MSI Afterburner settings

  • Core Voltage:                 <Default>
  • Power Limit:                   <Default>
  • Temp. Limit:                    <Default>
  • Core Clock:                     +40
  • Memory Clock:                +550
  • Fan Speed:                      <Auto>


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