The Build - OS and Software Install

I was actually very surprised that this worked without any issues.  From Windows install and updates to actually mining was just under 3 hours, which isn't that bad!  I am running the rig in a stock configuration without any overclocking to make sure there aren't any issues.  The rig is doing ~150Mh/s for ETH with its current configuration using Claymore Dual Miner 9.6.  Claymore 9.7 only ran for a few mins before crashing but 9.6 seems stable.

After this burn-in period I will start to overclock with the hope of ~180MH/s.


What I did:

  • Install Windows 10
    • Updated to "Creator's Edition"
    • Applied all Windows updates available
  • Install latest NVIDIA drivers
    • Important for maximum hash rate
  • Verfied I has six GTX 1070 in Windows "hardware manager"
  • Set my Windows page file to 32GB
  • Installed MSI Afterburner
  • Disabled Windows Services
    • Disabled Microsoft Defender
    • Disabled Windows update
  • Set Power Saving
    • Screen - Never Shut off
    • Sleep - Never
  • Downloaded Claymore Dual Miner 9.6 & 9.7
    • Exctracted each to a folder on the desktop
  • Created a batch file for single mode mining
    • Single.bat
      • EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal <Your_Wallet> -epsw x
  • Installed VNC server for remote administration
    • Set password for VNC server and tested connection
  • Run Single.bat and let run for 24 hours
    • I am getting ~24MH/s per card in stock setting


Optional - But recommended

  • Enable automatic login for Windows 10
  • Enable automatic start of Claymore Miner
    • Instructions here
    • Create a batch file in the directory of the Claymore miner and then put a shortcut in the startup folder.


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