Claymore Dual-Miner 9.8 is out!

Download:  Claymore Dual-Miner 9.8


I have been running 9.8 for about 5 days now. No complaints.  Running smoothly.


Sooooo....I started tinkering with it.

  • Increased mem overclock from +600 to +675 (700 or more crashed the miner)
  • Increased power from 75% to 90%
  • Enabled dual-mining with DCR

I "think" my rig is still stable, I am watching it.

Current Dual-Mining Stats:

  • Ethereum - 184 Mh/s (down from 189 Mh/s)
  • Decred - 1840 Mh/s (which equals ~1.2 DCR per month)

I am planning to run this for a week or so to see if it hurts me on too much.  Again, my Monero and Decred mining I am planning on a long term holding hoping these crpytocurrencies will increase.


My [CURRENT] MSI Afterburner settings

  • Core Voltage:                 <Default>
  • Power Limit:                     90%
  • Temp. Limit:                    <Default>
  • Core Clock:                     -120
  • Memory Clock:                +675
  • Fan Speed:                      80%


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