Mining Monero (XMR)

I have decided to diversify my mining with Monero.


Why Monero (XMR)?

Generally I like it, its raising in value and I have a good feeling about it.  Plus its easy to mine with GPU or CPU.  To be honest, I flipped a coin between ZEC and XMR and Monero won.

I have also seen it track close BTC raise and fall in value.  My hope is that it will continue to track that way and increase in value.  Right now Monero is ~$48, which is not much compared to many of the other options to mine.  One of my goals in this is not immediate profit but a profit a year or so from now.



My Plan

I have a partially completed GPU rig with four GTX 1070's that I am going to start mining with using the Claymore CryptoNote miner.

I have chosen my pool to be Monerohash.  I have done very little research, but a friend recommended it to me.

GTX 1070 should get around 600H/s which gives me 2.4kH/s for the rig plus 190H/s if I use the CPU.  WIth Monero currently at ~$48 that is $4.32 per day.



Implementation went very smoothly.  Standard Windows 10 setup.  I used my overclocking setting from my ETH mining rig.

Everything fired up perfectly and have started mining XMR.



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