Making an ETH miner - The Breakdown

With ETH (ethereum) hitting going over the $300 mark, I have decided to try to build an ETH GPU miner.  Researching what it takes to build a miner seems to be pretty simple.  You need GPU's, motherboad, processor, memory, a hard drive and a case.  Sounds pretty simple and worst comes to worst I have a bunch of very sellable or re-usable computer parts.


My HOPE is that ETH will have a growth rate like bitcoin.  Bitcoin is currently ~$2567 and was trading ~$400 around a 1.5 years ago.  




Motherboard:  MSI Z170A M5 motherboard  ($149.99 NewEgg)
     I chose this motherboard becuase it was fairly well known and supports up to 7 GPUs.

Processor:   Intel Celeron G1840 ($50 ebay)
     A cheap processor that works with the MSI motherboard.

Memory:  Kingston 4GB ($30 NewEgg)
    Something cheap, we don't need a lot of RAM

Hard Drive:  278GB Crucial SSD (Something I had on hand, ~$99 NewEgg)
     We will need just enough space for the OS.

GPU:  GeForce GTX 1070 (Various sites ~$400)
      This was not my first choice for GPU.  I was trying to find ASUS RX 580, but anything close to these cards are backordered for who knows how long.

Power Supply:  Corsair AX12001 ATX  ($329.99 Fry's Electronics)
      This is a solid, efficient and has enough cables to power 6-7 GPUs.

Operating System:  ethOS ($39)
     I had to modify this to work with a NVIDIA GPU, so I will be converting to Ubuntu later.

Case:  3 drawer storage cart (Bed Bath & Beyond - $25)
     I eventually plan on buying an open air frame or making one, but this should do for the meantime.


Total Cost:  ~$2,993.98 or ~8.55 ETH


This rig should produce around 156MH/s and 2.4 ETH per month.  
If ETH stays around $350 it will pay itelf off in ~3.5 months and should produce ~$10k per year.
(NOTE: I am not factoring in cooling or power costs)


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